Portable Mosquito Repeller

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Want to be mosquito free? Take this portable mosquito repeller with you wherever you go! Super lightweight and battery operated - essential for traveling. Enjoy up to 240hrs of repelling power (ex. 30 days/8 hrs a day). Perfect for camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, the beach, or anywhere you want extra protection from mosquito pests. 


-Battery Powered (2 AAA Batteries - not included)

-Centrifugal Volatilization with Metofluthrin Repellents

-Fragrance free (No irritating or harsh chemical smell)

-8 Hour Timer Mode

-Rounded corner design

-Silicone rope handle 

How To Use:

Press the separate button to open the repeller, install 2 AAA batteries, close cover, press the power button to use. 

Green Light: Press power button, the green light will flash into working mode

Orange Light: Long press the power button, the orange light will flash into the 8-hour timer mode

Red Light: When red light is flashing, replace batteries and mosquito repellent disc


Brand - Xiaomi

Product weight - 1.7oz (50g)

Color - Warm White

Package Includes:

-Portable Mosquito Repeller

-Silicone rope handle

-2 mosquito repellent discs (Enjoy up to 240hrs of repelling power with each disc)