Marble and Gold Coasters

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These ceramic, gold-plated, luxury coasters are just what you need to set your space apart. Perfect for dining spaces or anywhere you place a drink. Why settle for generic, boring coasters when you can drink in style - or simply use them as decoration! 


Marble grain made coasters, each one is unique in pattern.

Non-slip and frosted mat on the bottom, keeping moisture and heat away from your table.

Available in three shapes - round, square and regular octagon.

Not Sold as a Set. Price is based on 1 piece. 


Material: Ceramics

Technology: Ceramic gold-plated

Body Color: White Marble + Gold

Marble grain: Random

Size: 3.6in - 3.9in (9.3cm - 9.8cm)

Caution: Not Dishwasher Safe. Hand Wash Only.